Photography & Filming

Safaris are bespoke and for a maximum of two people. The small group size will enable you to get closer to nature and to benefit from one-on-one training.

Martin can pass on some of his knowledge from 35 years’ professional experience of filming and photographing wildlife worldwide. Photography, filming and fieldcraft tips can be included as part of any safari or can be the main focus of your trip. Fieldcraft includes how to stalk your quarry downwind, tracking skills using footprints and how to identify signs of wildlife in hedgerows and fields.

Photography tips include form and composition, depth of field, how to make the best use of natural light, F-stops, ISOs and how to create a story.

You will take away everlasting memories as well as the essence of your day captured in your own collection of images.

Get the insider’s guide to the right place at the right time…

Trip Information

What to take: Your camera and other accessories. Martin can help you make best use of what you have. There is room in the back of the vehicle to set up your tripod.Clothing suited to the weather
What’s provided
Equipment: Bean bags for cameras to rest on, spare binoculars.
Food: Picnic, tea, coffee, fruit, cake and water. Dietary requirements catered for.
Trip length: 8.00am -4.00pm
Departs From: Tickety Boo Cottage

Cost: £220.00 (one person) | £160.00 (second person) | Max 2 people per trip
Deposit: £80.00 per person (payable at time of booking)