Connect With Nature

Explore the wildlife of one of the UK’s few remaining remote landscapes by classic Land Rover, under huge open Norfolk skies.

Bespoke trips to hidden byways and remote salt marshes with internationally-renowned wildlife cameraman and director Martin Hayward Smith. Choose between a one-day “Hare and Barn Owl Safari” safari, a one-day “Wild Goose Chase Safari” or you may wish to undertake an adventure to other remote parts of Norfolk such as the Broads or Brecks over one or more days. You can combine any safari with a photography and filming masterclass.

Step out of the fast lane, tune into nature and enjoy exclusive access to wildlife on private land. We use hides overlooking water meadows, nest boxes where barn owls and their young are regularly seen and little-known old cart tracks successfully used for filming hares.

Let nature come to you on a wildlife adventure. The only clock in the day will be the sun rising to reveal the landscape and setting to make its edges blur once more.

Choose between The Safari (half a day) or our other (full day) Safaris.

This just in…

We were featured on our local ITN Anglia News Channel on Wednesday 12 June 2019. Reporter Kate Prout joined us on one of our trips. Many thanks to Kate and ITV for the video clip.

Connect with nature in the stunning Norfolk countryside…